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3 Great Apps to Improve Your Golf Game

Thanks to the power of technology at your fingertips, there are several golf apps available that offer a variety of features to support your game. From swing analysis to course navigation, scorekeeping, and everything in between, apps can be a valuable supplement to in-person instruction. Here we highlight three apps our expert PGA WEST® Golf Academy instructors swear by:

Blast Golf

Director of Instruction Bryan Lebedevitch uses Blast Golf to help his students hone their putting game. Created by Blast Motion, Inc., this digital training platform is a swing and stroke analyzer that provides real-time feedback and in-depth data for any type of shot from tee to green.

Blast Golf can be used live, offline or in Smart Video Capture™ mode to shoot and record slow motion video of each swing and stroke. The app is compatible with IOS and Android and operates with a sensor that attaches to the grip of any club. The Blast Golf Swing & Stroke Analyzer package retails for $179.95 on the Blast Motion site and includes the sensor, app, grip attachments, charger and cable. Bonus for users: the app also features a training center filled with tips and drills.

Metronome apps

For student lessons, Lead Instructor John Battaglia takes advantage of a metronome app. Metronome apps come in handy for timing and rhythm in that they can help golfers develop a steady pace. By setting the metronome to a specific beat, golfers can practice their swings to match the tempo, promoting a more fluid and consistent motion. One of a metronome’s best uses revolves around improving putting consistency. A steady beat can help golfers maintain a consistent stroke tempo by adjusting the metronome to their preferred outing rhythm and practice. This leads to better distance control and fewer putts per round. And when you’re struggling to get into the zone on the course, metronome apps are great for blocking out distractions and boosting mental focus. One of the most popular apps is Tour Tempo ($25).


According to Lead Instructor Josh Myers, the DECADE Golf app does the trick as a course management tool that allows players to strategize target selection off the tee and into the green. “You input your scores post-round and it gives you feedback on areas of concern, along with drills and exercises to help that specific area,” says Myers.

Developed by former Texas A & M collegiate golfer Scott Fawcett, the app is a game-changer and used by everyone from top tour players to recreational golfers. In simple terms, it’s a step-by-step system that generates the optimal target strategy for the lowest score.


A membership-based program, golfers can register for the DECADE Foundations (starting at $125) or expanded DECADE Elite program (starting at $250). The app is available in IOS and Android.

Learn more about PGA WEST® Golf Academy’s private instruction, group lessons, expert club fitting, and special training events like the Top 100 Experience by visiting the PGA WEST website.



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