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5 Tips for Golfing in the Summer Sun

Updated: Jun 23, 2023

As temperatures start to climb, Greater Palm Springs residents and repeat visitors know that summer in the Southern California desert is a best-kept travel secret. The crowds are gone, the vibe is more laidback than ever; plus, hotels and restaurants offer a slew of seasonal specials. Summer afternoons are made for chilling in sparkling pools or treating yourself to a refreshing spa treatment. When the sun goes down, the fun heats up with outdoor dining, pool parties, and dive-in movies. There’s also plenty of live entertainment to be found at Acrisure Arena, music venues and area casinos.

When it comes to golf, there’s no need to let the summer heat keep you away from the championship resort courses of PGA WEST®. To keep heat stress and heat-related illness at bay, here are some recommendations to help you stay safe and cool on the course.

Play Early or Late

Tee off early in the day when it’s relatively cool. PGA WEST tee times start at 6:00 a.m. giving golfers plenty of time to play 18 before the midday heat sets in. Thanks to the lengthy summer light, you can also opt to tee off in the late afternoon when temperatures start to drop and possibly fit in 18 holes before sunset. If you do play in the late afternoon, seek out as much shade as you can.

Stay Hydrated

Drink plenty of fluids—water, Gatorade, Powerade, unsweetened coconut water are all good choices to replenish the electrolytes you lose from sweating. Don’t drink fluids that contain caffeine, alcohol, or large amounts of sugar, which actually cause you to lose more body fluid. And don’t wait until you are thirsty to drink; when you are thirsty, you are often already dehydrated. Save the beer you’re craving for socializing in the air-conditioned clubhouse after the back 9.

Fuel Your Body

Eat light but eat; especially a nutritious meal before your round consisting of quality protein, healthy fats, fruits, and vegetables. Pack snacks to keep your energy consistent throughout play. Pass on the potato chips and pretzels and opt for healthy choices such as high fiber fruits like apples, pears, and bananas (dried fruit works); nuts, trail mix, and sunflower seeds; peanut butter on whole grain bread or crackers; and carrots, cucumbers, and celery sticks. Carrots are high in electrolyte-balancing potassium while cucumbers and celery aid hydration.

Dress for Heat and Sun

Wear lightweight and light-colored, loose-fitting clothing in breathable, moisture wicking fabrics. Apply SPF 50 sunscreen before and during the round. Wear sunglasses and a hat, ideally a wide-brimmed one to protect your face, forehead, and neck. Cooling towels can also help you beat the heat. Most require water to activate but can stay in the chill zone for two to three hours. Also, bring an extra glove so that you can rotate gloves every few holes and keep one dry. The Golf Shop at the PGA WEST® Tournament Clubhouse and Private Golf Shop for Members carry a wide variety of summer golf apparel and accessories.

Keep Tabs on How You Feel

Common heat-related illnesses include heat stroke and heat exhaustion. Heat stroke is the more serious of the two and is a medical emergency. Warning signs include a very high body temperature (above 103°F), red, hot and dry skin and an inability to sweat, rapid heartbeat, throbbing headache, and dizziness and nausea. A milder form of heat-related illness, heat exhaustion can develop with exposure to high temperatures and inadequate replacement of fluids. Symptoms can include nausea, vomiting, light-headedness or fainting, muscle cramps, headache, rapid heartbeat, and fast shallow breathing. Keep a cell phone with you in case of emergency.

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