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Erick Collas Leads a Dynamic Tennis Program at the PGA WEST® Sports Club

Updated: Feb 21

Doubles match on one of PGA WEST's 11 tennis courts

With several years as a tennis director, coach and competitive player under his belt, PGA WEST® Sports Club’s Tennis Professional Erick Collas heads up an exceptional tennis program for PGA WEST Members. From newcomers keen to learn to experienced players seeking to refine their skills, Member tennis enthusiasts have access to a variety of offerings.

In addition to private lessons for customized training and progression-oriented clinics (beginner, intermediate and advanced), the program also includes specialty clinics, cardio tennis, and men’s and women’s tennis. Add in interclub tournaments, junior camps over the holidays and monthly social and holiday events, giving players plenty of opportunities to improve their game and have a great time on the courts.

Collas has also introduced Live Ball into the program, fast-paced game drills where the instructor feeds the ball into play to begin the point. There are always at least four players on the court – two champions and two challengers.


“Live Ball simulates real play, but without serves,” explains Collas. “Once the point is concluded, the next ball is fed right away, and players have approximately six seconds to switch sides. It’s constant movement, a great aerobic workout and we always have high-energy music playing in the background.”

His approach to designing training programs for students begins with identifying their goals and then customizing drills depending on their goals and fitness level. He also emphasizes regular fitness activities/exercises that promote cardio, footwork and balance to avoid any injuries on the court.

What Collas finds most rewarding about his role is the gratification students feel when they achieve a goal or master a new skill. “It’s instant gratification for me watching them improve and the smile on their faces,” he says.


Collas also praises PGA WEST Sports Club Director Jonathan Redd’s staff and the entire Sports Club team for how supportive they are of the tennis program and Club Members.


Prior to PGA WEST, Collas served as the tennis and pickleball director at Palm Springs area resorts for more than three decades. As a competitive tennis player in his 20s, he coached and hit with tennis legend Rod Laver for five years when Laver played in the senior circuits. Collas was also a highly ranked Northern California junior tennis player who competed in national tournaments. Not surprisingly, he comes from a family of tennis players—his father Leoncio Collas was a celebrated South American tennis champion and a Davis Cup player for Peru.


Collas has also authored a book entitled “Winning Secrets for Doubles Tennis,” available on Amazon.


Learn more about PGA WEST Club Membership and PGA WEST Sports Club Amenities here


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