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PGA WEST® Club Generosity Comes Full Circle

Updated: Feb 23


A letter from Brittney Wilson

Last week’s American Express open win for Nick Dunlap will be a critical tide-shifter for the game of golf. 


Now, more than ever, making golf accessible and appealing to the next generation is a responsibility each of us hold. I’m not saying that we all have to nurture the next Nick Dunlap but that would be pretty neat. Let’s give it a shot.


I know how important this is because The Club at PGA WEST® gave me a shot. As a former Member of the Club through a generous scholarship, I can tell you firsthand how valuable this sport can be. From the ages of 16-19, I was gifted a membership from The Club to utilize the full suite of member benefits at no cost. 

Club at PGA WEST Education Fund recipient Brittney Wilson

Allow me to set the scene: I had just received the go ahead from the State of California to drive on the roads alone at night and PGA WEST trusted me to drive a golf cart? I had full range to play on world-class greens before my prefrontal cortex was fully developed. Don’t worry—I repaired my ball marks when necessary and almost always raked the sand I would inevitably end up in. 

Learning this sport and falling in love with it on the fairways and in the bunkers and near the beloved bighorns of The Club is a memory I hold near and dear. I cleared out range balls on the tournament. I took lessons with the pros. I spent a little too long soaking in the beauty of Palmer’s back nine. I learned all the fundamentals of everyone’s favorite four-letter word right here at The Club at PGA WEST®. 

It was here where grit, camaraderie, and problem-solving skills were forged. 


Even so, I never earned the title of “scratch golfer” or was the 1st amateur winner on the PGA Tour since 1991 like Nick. But I learned integral values like honesty, patience, humility, and the drive to work hard even when it’s challenging. And that, to me, is a win. 


So, consider this partially a thank you letter and partially a reminder to Members alike to invest in the young. Invite the neighbor kid to the range with you. Show your grandkids how to hold the club and let them swing with all their might. Help recirculate the wealth of knowledge this sport provides to the next generation. Because it matters. Nick Dunlap’s win matters. The life lessons learned just shy of the fairway matter. I wouldn’t be who I am today without The Club at PGA WEST®. 

For those wondering, I am practicing what I preach. You can find me every Monday night at a small military course on Hawaii’s island of Oahu teaching a pair of brothers how to hit the ball. I can’t guarantee that they will be the next PGA Tour amateur winner. But I can guarantee they will be better young men having been given the gift of golf. I will teach those boys everything I learned and hope they gain even more out of the sport. 


Best regards,

Brittney Wilson

Brittney Wilson is the daughter of Membership Sales Manager Tammy Garcia. The PGA WEST Education Fund supports our Team Members and their families throughout the pursuit of their education goals.


Click here to learn more about the PGA WEST Education Fund and make a donation.




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