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Summer Golf in Peak Heat? Play Indoor Golf Simulators at The Bunker Bar

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Indoor golf simulator bays at the PGA WEST Pete Dye Clubhouse.

On those summer afternoons when the temperatures hit the triple digits and it may be too

hot to hit the greens outdoors at PGA WEST®, swing by The Bunker Bar inside the Pete Dye Clubhouse. There, you can enjoy the luxury of teeing it up in air-conditioned comfort. A 2022 renovation project resulted in impressive upgrades to the Clubhouse including the new Bunker Bar, lounge area and individual bays featuring two state-of-the-art Trackman 4 indoor golf simulators.

Newly renovated Pete Dye Clubhouse ups the ante on fun and entertainment.

If you’ve never tried an indoor golf simulator, now is the time.  This virtual golf experience is ideal for players who want to improve their swing, work on strategy, improve accuracy and learn the basics of golf.


“With a touch screen, keyboard and mouse, it’s very user-friendly for beginners,” says the Clubhouse’s Operation Manager Nick Ruane. “Depending on skill level, players have a lot of options.”

Family-friendly indoor fun teeing off on Trackman golf simulator.

For those seeking indoor fun with their kids, the simulators offer a fantastic experience for users age five and up. Interactive Family-friendly golf games and video activities include Bullseye, Capture the Flag, Closest to the Pin, Hit It, and kids’ favorite called Magic Pond.

For golfers intent on practice and training, the Trackman golf simulator provides valuable real time club and ball data including Club Speed and Path, Attack Angle, Launch Angle, Ball Speed, Spin Rate, Dynamic Loft, Face Angle, and much more. Using the simulator settings, players can practice every aspect of their game and can also replicate what they might face outdoors on any given day.


“You can control the firmness of the greens, the speed of your ball’s roll, and even the weather conditions, from rain and wind to clouds and the clear blue skies that typically surround PGA WEST,” Ruane says.

Trackman 4 advanced radar technology captures valuable data to help you up your game.

Players can download the Trackman Golf App (available for free in Apple App Store (IOS) and Google Play (Android) to get access to all data. Once they download the app and set up their profile, they can scan the app QR code into the simulator so that they can easily capture and review data from their session.

PGA WEST Nicklaus Tournament Course

Players can tee off indoors on more than 200 iconic courses, including three renowned PGA WEST resort courses – the Pete Dye Stadium Course, Pete Dye Mountain Course and Nicklaus Tournament Course.They can compete in Trackman virtual golf tournaments around the world via the NEXT Golf Tour. Individuals and groups can also use the simulators for warm-up prior to course play.

“We’ve also hosted many weddings, welcome parties, holiday gatherings and corporate groups,” says Clubhouse Manager Brian Stastny. “It’s a great gathering spot and adds a fun and unique twist to events.”

The simulator bays are included when booking the entire clubhouse for an event. Private parties can also reserve the simulators in advance.


Take advantage of this phenomenal indoor golf experience this summer and year-round.

Call The Pete Dye Clubhouse Bunker Bar at 760-564-7610 for information, prices and reservations. You can also book your indoor golf simulator experience online here.




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