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TrackMan Is Coming To PGA WEST

If you have played at PGA WEST the past few weeks, you may have noticed construction happening and wondered what exactly is going on? Well, we have a BIG announcement for our members and guests! TrackMan, a radar technology used by over 1000 tour pros and counting, is coming to PGA WEST!

With seven radars currently installed, PGA WEST will have the largest installation of TrackMan in North America and only the second installation of the brand-new TrackMan Platform Unit Technology. The install team is busy terminating fiber and getting the radars hooked up this week.

"They are installing four behind the range and three out in the field. The radar systems will work together to track a ball from impact to landing. And they will be able to tell everyone, basically with accuracy at 1ft at every 100 yards, how they hit that shot. It's crazy," Matt Frelich, Senior Vice President of TrackMan, comments.

TrackMan is a Danish company founded 18 years ago that works with the highest level of golf and best players worldwide. The technology reads club and ball data to allow its app to record critical data, including club path, speed, and attack angles. The TrackMan app keeps a history of your data to see how far you've hit your shots, how you're progressing, and what needs work.

"If you're out on the course and you forget how far you hit your seven iron, you can pull out the app, and it'll tell you exactly how far you've been hitting your seven iron over the last couple of times you've been out on the TrackMan range," Brett Aylward, the project manager for TrackMan Range for the Americas, Australia, and Japan, explains.

Not only will members and guests be able to study their shots on the driving range, but PGA WEST is rendering three golf courses with the technology. Members and guests can track their shots anywhere on the grass at The Pete Dye Stadium, Nicklaus Tournament and Nicklaus Private. "If you've been struggling with your par threes on the Nick Tournament course, you can keep hitting on those par threes in practice or play a full round right from your app," Aylward continues.

More than 1000 tour pros around the world have invested in TrackMan technology. Of the top 100 players, more than 90 have their own TrackMan device that they practice with day in and day out.

"It's the same technology that the pros use, just on a different scale for everyone to use. Members or guests can log into their PGA WEST app and use the system without extra equipment. All the systems and all the software are all the same as the pros," states Brady Edwards, Tour Rep for TrackMan.

Today, many of the TrackMan devices are going into private homes. People can now be in their basements or garages playing the PGA WEST courses. Commercial SIM centers and high-end clubs that have invested in the TrackMan simulator will be able to play PGA WEST courses.

Members and guests playing the courses will have free access to this game-changing technology. The installation is set to launch before the new year, the perfect time to take your game to a whole new level! Let's get your next game in the books.

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