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From the Big Apple to the Green Fairways: A New York Couple Embrace the PGA WEST Lifestyle

Updated: Oct 3, 2023

New York City and La Quinta, California. Two phenomenal destinations, yet miles apart—2,650 to be exact—when it comes to the skyline, sights, sounds, and pace of life. Native New Yorkers Leslie Martin and Steven Schneider now enjoy the best of both worlds after purchasing a new home earlier this year in the Coral Mountain development at PGA WEST®.

Married for ten years and with four adult children between them, the two worked on Wall Street for several years; Steven currently works as an investor.

The couple had a second residence in Florida, which they recently sold, opting for California to be closer to Leslie’s son who lives in Los Angeles. When they came out to visit friends in Rancho Mirage, they started looking at different clubs and properties.

“My husband was clear that he wanted a really great golf resort and he just gravitated to PGA WEST,” recalls Leslie, adding that they joined The Club at PGA WEST® in February and Steven says he’s “never been happier in his life.”

In fact, Steven loves to play golf but will readily admit his game has room for improvement. He’s determined to get better and plans to participate next season in more instructional offerings at PGA WEST. He’s amazed by the beautiful mountain scenery and equally wowed by the warmth and friendliness of the Members and Club staff.

“It’s the complete opposite of our life in New York—when we’re there we go to museum previews and shows, and there is a different pace,” Leslie says. Steven rides a Citi bike to his office. “When we get out to California, it’s very relaxing and we feel revived.”

Like the active and outgoing East Coasters they are, Steven notes that they immediately “jumped into the deep end” after joining The Club at PGA WEST®.

“Leslie went in and basically signed up for everything,” he says. “I’m golfing, taking lessons and clinics, and they pair me up with other players. Before you know it, we’re going out to dinner with really nice couples.”

“The new Member gatherings at the club have really helped,” notes Leslie. “Everybody is from someplace else, and they don’t know anyone either, so we’ve met lots of people through those excellent events. The common thread is the warmth of all the members we meet.”

Together and apart, Leslie and Steven have participated in cooking and craft classes, the fitness center and dance classes, wine tasting dinners, a Passover dinner, and more.

Right now, with three kids living in New York and one in LA, they plan to split their time between Manhattan and La Quinta. As new part-time La Quinta residents, they’ve taken advantage of a few adventures in Greater Palm Springs, but plan to explore more area and PGA WEST attractions when they return for the season.

The next time you see two New Yorkers at The Club at PGA WEST® who love the California vibe, be sure to say hello!

Learn more about The Club at PGA WEST® here.

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