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Make the Most of Your Club Membership

Updated: Jun 9, 2023

Beyond the endless sunshine, luminous night skies, verdant golf courses and top-notch amenities, one of the greatest assets of The Club at PGA WEST® and The Citrus Club is its people. New Members are quickly welcomed into the fold, enduring friendships are made, and a genuine sense of camaraderie permeates throughout the communities.

To help all Members maximize their Memberships to the fullest, members of your PGA WEST team were happy to offer up a few key tips:

From Eric Temena – Director of Golf, Private

Take advantage of the calendar and be on the lookout for communications from the club, so you can pick and choose whichever event interests you. Also, join one of the mens’ and ladies’ golf associations. And, in addition to 18-hole play, there is also a nine-hole ladies’ group called Par-Tee, and a nine-hole couples’ event that takes place every month during season. It’s really nice to see that often golf play spills into Members joining each other for dinner and other social events.

From Geoff Dean – Director of Player Development

Be part of the Player Development Program, which is designed to help Members at any skill level. We have programs for the junior golfer to the senior golfer. You can take our Golf 200 clinic series in a group lesson environment that focuses on all aspects of the game. We also offer customized, private golf sessions where you receive an assessment, golf swing video analysis, and recommendations for advancing your goals. We also encourage you to incorporate Golf Fitness Training as part of your golf journey. Our golf professionals and fitness professionals in the Sports Club collaborate to create a program specific to each golfer. Also, take advantage of our club fitting demo days and unique events throughout the season that feature guest speakers and specialized instructors.

From Jonathan Redd – Sports Club Director

Members often call the Sports Club ‘a club within a club.’ There is so much to do—up to 55 classes per week—and so many activities for all levels and all ages, that you can really use it not only as a gym, but as a community to meet people. Whether it’s on the pickleball courts or tennis courts or lounging at the pool or taking your pet to our two-acre dog park, the Sports Club is a great place to socialize.

From Domenic Provenzano, Club Membership Director and Tammy Garcia, Membership Sales Manager

1. Try new activities and change up your routine. (e.g., Join a Bocce team or attend a social event that you haven’t yet tried.) We guarantee you will make new friends and see a fresh view of the Club that will remind you of why you fell in love with it.

2. Become an Ambassador. Let the Membership Team know of your interest. We’ve selected the committee for the upcoming season, but there’s always next year.

3. As a new Member, try to attend all the 101s, orientations, and new Member gatherings. They are all great opportunities to meet ‘your people’ and connect. You may also learn something new that you didn’t think to ask.

4. Invite a friend, family member or neighbor to consider Membership today!

Discover the delights of Membership at The Club at PGA WEST® and the Citrus Club at

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Jack Dumfries
Jack Dumfries
Jul 27, 2023

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