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The Top Wedding Trends of the Year You Need to Know

Updated: Jun 28, 2023

Luxury wedding and event planners Cathy O’Connell and Dorry Wynham have seen it all — from a bride and groom driving into their wedding reception in a Ferrari to a best man dressing up as Darth Vader and Motown legends The Temptations performing a couples’ first dance!

Co-founders of COJ Events, they and their expert team have been designing and coordinating extraordinary celebrations for 18 years in Greater Palm Springs and points beyond. As a preferred provider for PGA WEST® in La Quinta, COJ Events works closely with the golf resort’s skillful events department to create a wide variety of bespoke wedding experiences.

And, with more than 900 weddings and events under their belts, it’s no surprise that COJ Events have their collective fingers on the pulse of the latest wedding trends.


One of the biggest trends in décor right now: circular tables in place of the long rectangular farmhouse tables trend. “Round tables are back with a vengeance,” says O’Connell. Today’s couples are also straying away from traditional white table linens. “They want to make a statement about who they are, so they are selecting interesting patterns and

textures that showcase their personalities,” she notes.

Décor wedding photos courtesy of Kathleen Geiberger Art

Vibrant color is also making a huge comeback, whether it’s the floral bouquets, bridesmaids dressed in all shades of the rainbow or variegated colors on a wedding arch or chuppah. For one of COJ Events’ recent weddings at PGA WEST, the floral company painted the centerpiece palm fronds in iridescent colors. On a similar note, couples are starting to have more fun with dance floors using custom sizes, colors and patterns.


Color is also on-trend when it comes to style and fashion. This includes wedding dresses veering away from the traditional white or ivory to different hues in solids and patterned couture—and even a departure from the classic black tuxedo. “We’re seeing a lot of dark green, navy blue, plum accented by lapel pins like celebrities wore at the Academy Awards,” notes O’Connell.


From hot air balloon rides for guests to petting zoos and tequila donkeys bearing packages of portable shots—complete with salt and lime—couples are going all out with entertainment, sometimes sacrificing other wedding elements to ensure fun and often off-the-wall experiences.

“This, among many other reasons, is what makes PGA WEST such a sensational choice for weddings and celebrations,” O’Connell enthuses. “Most PGA WEST venues have multiple spaces in incredible settings that can easily host the ceremony, reception, dinner, and after parties all within one area. Not only is this convenient, it really gives couples the freedom to be creative and do something different." She adds that most of their clients desire outdoor dining, which makes the Southern California desert and PGA WEST the ideal destination for most of the year.

The Cake

Last but not least, and proving the adage that “everything old is new again,” single-tiered and multilayered vintage cakes are back, featuring everything from floral motifs and Bridgerton-esque piping to shimmery metallic and pearl sprinkles and statement cake toppers.

So, what advice does O’Connell have for couples in the midst of wedding planning?

“Really focus on the kind of experience you want to create for yourself and your guests, beyond the décor and food. Think about what is going to make you and your guests feel cherished and loved during this unforgettable celebration.”

“That’s why we love PGA WEST,” O’Connell adds. “They go all out to make sure everything is perfect and flows smoothly.”

To contact a wedding and events professional at PGA WEST, click here, or email Carly McGarry at

Cathy O'Connell and Dorry Wynham photo courtesy of Mi Belle Photographers.


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